Sunday, November 8, 2009

"In lieu of the holidays" trip

Since most of you haven't seen pictures of us since July, here are a few from our September trip to St. Louis and Dallas.  Because we won't be going to either of these cities for the holidays, we decided to take a trip during one of Ron's easier times to "make up" for being gone later.  

 Cousin Ainsley, Aunt Erin, She-She, me, Cousin Cami and Annie the Cowgirl

Paw-Paw and Marmee (my parents) with Annie at my grandparents' lake house

All of the great-grandchildren with my grandparents.  Annie is in the very middle on the bench with only her sad face showing.  My grandfather is saying, "Uh-Oh!" and my grandmother is saying, "Hang on, Pap!"

Annie and Cousin Ryan showing off their skills to one another.

Cousin Jaden showing Annie how to drive the car.  Jaden adores "Baby Annie" and it is the sweetest thing to watch him take care of her and try to make her happy.

 And this was actually taken a couple of weeks before at our house when Ron's parents came in town for Annie's Dedication.  But since it was so cute, I had to include it :)
One of these days I'll get around to posting in the right month... but not today.


Christine said...

Could she be any happier of a baby? She is so adorable Lori. Miss you friend.

Kristin (Norman) Flanery said...

LOL That picture of Gma and Gpa with all new Grandbabies and the caption you posted... definitely made me giggle! I can see them saying those EXACT words! LOL

Kristin (Norman) Flanery said...

I miss your posts.... :(

Brooke Reich said...

My sweet Lori, do you realize it's been almost a full year since your last post? Come back to blogging, friend. I miss you!