Monday, October 13, 2008

38 weeks and 2 days

For the past 3 weeks, I've been continuing to go to the acupuncturist and chiropractor three times per week.  Last week, we really thought she had turned (honestly, I think she turned and then turned back)!  Everything felt different - it didn't feel like a head anymore, I looked a lot lower like she had dropped, I could breathe better - but when I went to the doctor to confirm, the sonogram showed that she was still breech.  I was really discouraged that day (last Thursday) and was fighting the Enemy's ploy to try and make me lose hope.  Thankfully, we had Faithgroup that evening where they prayed for us and encouraged us!  In particular, Joy, a friend of mine, had me speak out-loud that I would not allow Satan to steal my hope and to proclaim that God is good and is in control.  As the others prayed and agreed with me, something in the Spirit was broken and I felt so much better!  Praise God for good friends who will speak into my life and for an amazing community who surrounds us!  

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 am, Ron and I are headed to Brigham and Women's Hospital to undergo a procedure called the "External Cephalic Version" which basically is where the doctor will "manually" turn the baby from the outside.  They will monitor the baby by sonogram and dopplar so that if the baby's heart rate starts to drop, they stop immediately and can also see what's happening with the cord.  There are risks, though they are minimal.  It can send you into labor b/c they are pushing around on your stomach and the cord can become wrapped around limbs or neck.  Obviously, this is a little scary, but again, the risks are minimal and they monitor both me and baby the whole time.  Plus, it's done in the hospital so that if by some slim chance something does go wrong, then they can perform an emergency c-section right then.  My doctor and midwife assure me that it's a safe procedure and that I should not be worried or scared.  

If this procedure doesn't work tomorrow, then I think the plan will be to schedule a c-section about the time of my due date (Oct 25).  That will still give the baby time to turn on her own, but we'll also be prepared if she doesn't.  My mom comes to Boston on Oct 23rd, so I want to take full advantage of her help while she can be here :)

I am so thankful that we are surrounded (both physically here in Boston and in spirit by those far away) by friends who are praying for us!  We feel so loved and covered!  Please keep believing with us!