Thursday, September 6, 2007're IT

So my friend Christine "tagged" me to write about the 8 quirkiest things about me...apparently this is a regular cycle of events in the blogging world, but since this is my first time, I guess I would be considered a "tag" virgin.

The Rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their 8 things) and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Now presenting...things you would only know about me if you lived with me:

1. I have to run on the right side of my partner when I'm jogging with someone. If I try and run on the left then I collide into them the entire duration of our run. Natalie, Erin and Ron - you know this all too well.

2. I have different socks for different activities and specific socks that I wear with certain shoes. Most people have the typical dress socks, ankle socks and maybe even thick socks for winter. I however have running socks, hiking socks, casual tennis shoe socks, dress boot socks, cowboy boot socks and my husband's favorite: pajama socks. Ron thinks this is quite hilarious...of course, he has yet to figure out that there IS a difference between clothes for dirty work and clothes for looking nice. A common phrase in our household, "Babe!? How could you wear your new shirt/pants/shoes to (insert dirty job here; actual examples: stain the fence, wash the dog, mow the lawn, clean out the garage)???!!!" So perhaps this is not quite as quirky as he thinks...wink, wink.

3. I went through a "second" puberty in late college! If you look at pictures from sophomore to senior year, you'll see a dramatic difference. No surgery or drugs used, just plain old nature and hormones. My face shape changed, my hair turned really curly, I grew 2 more inches and my chest grew a cup size. Yep...strange, but true. Ask my BFF Bethany who lived with me for all 4 years in college!

4. I've had plastic surgery. Not necessarily the kind you're thinking, but I've had it just the same. I got my nose pierced in college (I still miss it!) and ended up being allergic to the cheap metal. My skin absorbed the metal and turned this lovely shade of blackish-green. I tried bleaching cremes, exfoliating like crazy, peels...nothing would take this gross over sized blackhead-looking thing I went under the knife. My genius doctor made 2 little slits, took out the offending skin and sewed me back up. A few hundred dollars later and I could go swimming again without being terribly ashamed of my former pleasure. I guess that's what vanity will do to you.

5. I can flare my nostrils (like a rabbit) at an alarming rate of speed. It used to be a contest between my siblings and my Daddy: who can flare the fastest?! Actually, when I had the above said surgery, my doctor hit a blood vessel in my nose and blood came pouring out and went all over my face and chin. His comment was, "You have exceptionally strong nose muscles...that should not have happened...I've never seen blood vessels like this..." Needless to say, I remained quiet and did not reveal my hidden talent. But I'll bet you can guess who always wins the contests.

6. I have a temper that can go from calm to furious in less than 3 seconds flat. I've often been told that I should have been born with red hair because then my temper would match my hair. My sweet mother will tell you that I've gotten much better than I used to be, but my husband will tell you I've still got a long way to go. Hats off to both of them for putting up with the "black Irish" in me!

7. I secretly HATE my cell phone. If I didn't need it - and yes, you really do need one in this day and age - then I would most certainly get rid myself of the blasted thing. Yes, I know this is shocking to most people - and I know that Erin is horrified I would put this in print - but I really do not like the fact that simply because I own a cell phone, people assume they should be able to get a hold of me at ALL hours. And if I'm doing something where I can't answer or heck, don't feel like answering, then they get mad! A cell phone to me gives you the option to talk anywhere at anytime - but it doesn't mean you should have to. Sorry peeps; leave a message and I'll call you back later...maybe.

8. When I'm eating, I save the best for last. I'm not necessarily talking about dessert (although I do have an unusual obsession with that too) but for each section of food on my plate, I will eat all the others surrounding it and save the best part for the last bite. For example, this evening we had fish, broccoli and potatoes. Now I am not a "section-eater" as in someone who only eats one food at a time, but I find the best part of the fish, the best piece of broccoli and the most perfect part of the potato, eat all the other parts of the rest of the food, and then save those 3 "best" items for last. Yum, yum! Ron got in trouble in the beginning of our marriage because he did not know that I saved my food. So when I only had a few little bites on my plate - the most delectable bites, mind you - he would reach over to my plate and have it in his mouth before I could object! Please see #6 to find out what would happen next.

Okay...Ronnie, Kristin, Bethany J and Bethany H...tag, you're IT!