Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Created Because...

As I get further and further away from college, I find it much more difficult to keep in touch with people. Sometimes life just gets in the way; things that are important (like calling an old friend just to check in) become less important when I'm tired and when my house is dirty and when Ron has worked late and I haven't cooked dinner yet. Not that I want to be that way, but it just happens...to all of us.

I've honestly been against blogging for a long time. I used to work with this youth group that instead of using it for constructive purposes, would tear each other down and make it a billboard of the latest gossip. The evening's conversations would end up being tearful and furious recitations of "what he/she said about me on her blog and how I'm so flippin' mad that I'm going write some more BS about him/her on my blog now!" Gross. So it's taken me a little while to come around.

But now that we are moving to Boston, I want to make a conscious effort to be more deliberate in keeping up with people, to let people know what's going on in our lives and all the things that happen in our "unpredictable adventure" - more simply called LIFE. I've realized how imperative it is to share our Journey with others - the only way to foster true community. Hence, the creation of this blog.

So thank you, Steven and Christine, for encouraging me to do this and for thinking that I might be a good blogger.