Sunday, April 12, 2009

From Annie Kate

Hi everyone!  This is Annie Kate.  Shh, don't tell my mom, but I thought I would post something since she's not so good at updating her blog.  I will be 6 months old on the 17th and I am learning so much so quickly!  

I love to hang out with my dad!  He can't wait until I can throw so we can play catch.

I can grab my toes and roll from side to side.  I can roll from my stomach to my back sometimes, but I haven't quite figured out how to get my arm in the right position every time, so I get stuck and mom has to help me.  

I've been borrowing this Bumbo seat from my friend Ellie Phillips and I like sitting in it to play and eat.  I can't quite sit up on my own yet, but I'm super close!

And speaking of my friend Ellie, here we are (with our moms) on Easter Sunday wearing matching dresses!  We didn't plan it, but don't we look cute?

I love Sunday mornings because we get to have Dunkin' Donuts in bed and play all morning before church. Well, only mom and dad get the donuts.  They must be tasty because they eat them all up and won't share with me! 

Here's me eating some pears.  I've gotten so much better at eating solids in the last couple of weeks!  I've also had rice cereal, bananas, carrots and avocados.  I could do without the rice cereal, but I love all the rest and wave my arms all around so that mom knows that I want more!

And here's me one more time on Easter Sunday.  Daddy is behind the camera making silly noises and faces; he makes me laugh all the time!

Okay, I've got to go to bed now!  Please come see me in Boston!  I sleep through the night and everything so don't worry, I won't keep you up :)