Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annie Banannie

Annie is now 8 1/2 months old!  And since most of you don't get to see her often (or even at all), I'd like to tell you my top 10 favorite things about her in no particular order:

1. how she LOVES to be outside whether that's going on a walk, hanging out with her dad by the grill, sitting on the steps with me or watching the dogs run around at the park

2. how she laughs all the time - when she's tickled, when I dance for her, when she sees the dogs playing together and running around the house, when she sees Ron come in after work

3. how she has this little patch of hair on the back of her head that grows faster than any other part; seriously, the girl would have a mullet if I didn't cut it often (3 times now which is a lot considering most people don't cut their kids hair until after the first year!)

4. how she laughed and laughed when she saw me at the airport after leaving her with my parents for 4 days - so hard to leave her for that long, but I was thrilled that she not only remembered me, but giggled so much that I am sure she missed me!

5. how she said "Dadadadada" the other day when she saw Ron out the window (all the books say that she can't associate words yet, but who cares?)

6. how she looks when she has fallen asleep in my arms or on my shoulder, sometimes I don't ever want to put her down in her crib

7. how excited she is to see me or Ron when she wakes up from a nap - she flaps her arms and legs and giggles (this is one of Ron's favorite things to do!)

8. how she babbles and talks to herself in her crib when she wakes up in the morning; I love to just listen to her noises!

9. how she responds to music - it calms her and puts her to sleep; she smiles when she sees people worshipping God at church or in our small group (you should see the way she watches her dad!); she squeals with delight when we sing show tunes or Disney and dance around the living room (The Sound of Music and the Lion King seem to be her favs right now!)

10.  how she gets this mischievous look in her eyes that convinces me she will live up to her namesake and get into all sorts of scrapes and adventures

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Christine said...

Haha, I love #10 :)